SunRoom is based in sunny Nelson, New Zealand. We are a small yet perfectly formed team of professional website engineers. We’ve all done our time working for large companies and now we’ve stepped out together to form SunRoom. We understand the web and can create a website that will make your business grow. We can handle every aspect of your online needs, from helping with information architecture to search engine optimization, from social media to catalogue control.

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Charlie Evans is Technical Lead at SunRoom. Charlie built his first website way back in 1995 while completing a Computer Science degree at Waikato University. Since then he has focussed his career on web design and development, working for top internet companies in NZ and USA (Webmasters, Advantage Group, Netconcepts).
Charlie Evans
Charlie believes in clean code, great design and usable websites. He's a big fan of bells and whistles but only when they add function and value. Charlie is an active member of the Open Source community, contributing WordPress themes and plugins, Magento extensions and web development resources.
Personal Note
I work in a really cool industry with amazingly talented people. The way the web is evolving means I never get bored, constantly getting challenged by new technologies and rewarded with their results. As much as I love my work - you can only stare at a computer screen for so long, and living in Nelson makes an all too easy distraction. I'll take the beach in summer and the mountains in winter, thanks. Life is good..
Melissa Evans is Head Creative. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to design and especially Photoshop. Her design skills have lead to her work being featured on, and hundreds of websites around the world.
Melissa Evans
After graduating with her Diploma of 3D Animation from Media Design School, Melissa went on to join the pre-viz animation team for the movie "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe". Before starting her career in website design she had done a bit of everything from illustrating comic strips to window displays and sign writing. On the side Melissa writes for KiwiWise and Sycha.
Personal Note
It's a great place in life when work is actually something you really enjoy and I'm lucky to say that is the case for me. I am a self confessed internet addict, so combining this with my love of designing in Photoshop has lead to my perfect job, website design. Away from work I adore being a Mum to our two children, Sophia and Nicky, who are AMAZING. I also enjoy illustrating, photography, writing and exploring New Zealand.